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If you or your organization have data or plans that are relevant to the planning services being offered in the West Tennessee region, please use the form below to upload them to the project team. The purpose of this data portal is to serve as a centralized repository for relevant plans and studies for West Tennessee and its communities. Relevant plans and datasets may include (but are not limited to) long-range infrastructure plans, corridor studies, concept plans or feasibility studies. Examples of relevant plans and studies can be found at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the consultant project manager, Drew Gaskins, AICP at

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Examples of Relevant Plans & Studies

Please find a few examples of relevant datasets, studies and plans below. In general, relevant plans and studies will pertain to infrastructure needs your community may face in the coming years (transportation plans, stormwater management plans, wastewater management plans, etc.). 


Haywood County Zoning Resolution

The October 2020 update to the Haywood County Zoning resolution - detailing zoning ordinances and policies for the County. 


I-40/I-81 Multimodal Corridor Study

This technical memorandum details project priorities along I-40/I-81 and clarifies which solutions detailed in previous studies are feasible. While areas along the entire state are mentioned, West Tennessee also has a number of project priorities.


Shelby Co. Stormwater Monitoring Plan (2018)

This 2018 plan details how unincorporated Shelby County plans to monitor stormwater quality to ensure regulatory compliance.

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